Smarkets 0% commission with Oddsmonkey

When inputting your figures into the matched betting calculator, the commission (which is expressed in percent) determines how much the exchange profits from your bets. An exchange makes profit as a percentage often 2% or 5% of your returned winnings, this funds the entire exchange thus an exchange is able to offer much better market rates compared to a bookmaker.

These numbers are input into the matched betting calculator so you know exactly how much is due from each win or loss on your qualifying or free bets.

BetFair exchange 5%
Smarkets 2%
Matchbook 0.75% or 1.5% (dependant on if you fulfil a bet rate, or offer a bet rate).

Right now, members of Oddsmonkey can enjoy 0% commission at Smarkets and Matchbook. Take advantage of this great offer to minimize your qualifying losses on exchange bets.

Smarkets 0% commission with Oddsmonkey

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