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Bookmakers employ a tool known as IE Snare (IE does not mean internet explorer, it affects all browsers), IE snare collects data from users machines to paint a picture of their gaming and banking activity (amoungst other things).  It is primalary an anti-fraud tool which can track a computers access across different sites which would otherwise be unknown to each other.


As an Example, a fraudster registers for an online account at Halifax using fake ID, same day another account at Santander, HSBC etc.  IE Snare would connect the different banks and report back to the IE snare publishers, this browsing habbit is shared between the different IE snare clients (in this example the different banks).  Once this data is pooled together the banks may close the accounts, seek additional information etc.  Bookmakers are known to use the same tools so as a precaution it is advised to prevent data reaching the IE snare publisher, follow the steps below to block IE snare.

Windows machines

IE snare
run as administrator

We need to launch cmd as administrator, hit the windows key and type ‘CMD’  From the returned result right click Command prompt and choose ‘Run as administrator’

In the command prompt window type ‘notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts’

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IE snare
CMD Notepad

A file opens in notepad, if you have a standard hosts file it will look like the below

IE snare
Standard unaltered host file.

Highlight the following lines of text right click, choose copy, paste them at the end of the hosts file.

Your file should look like the below, press CTRL-S (or file / save) and exit the notepad, IESnare should now be blocked.

IE snare
Edited text in host file.


MAC machines

From terminal type 'sudo nano /private/etc/hosts' and copy the lines of text
above into the open text file.  Note I aim to improve on the MAC process shortly.

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