profit accumulator vs oddsmonkey vs profit squirrel etc

profit accumulator vs oddsmonkey vs bank of bets etc

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profit accumulator vs oddsmonkey vs profit squirrel

A common question is what is better, profit accumulator vs oddsmonkey vs profit squirrel. I have active subscriptions with all and will detail the differences here now, but before I get to that I’ll point out what your really paying for so we can break it down into sections.


The offers

Almost every service presents you with the offers, and it won’t be long into matched betting to have the ability to know where to find the offers, how to complete them and what rewards you with the most profit. All matched betting services including profitaccumulator , oddsmonkey ProfitSquirrel etc score the same regarding offers. bank of bets is a nice free alternative if you just want presenting with the offers but little else.

Verdict DRAW


Without doubt oddsmonkey wins here, it is cheaper and includes features profitaccumulator charge extra for (such as the match catcher). At time of writing these are the following prices..

Monthly £15
Annually £150

Monthly £22.99
Annually £150


Monthly £24.99

Annually £198.99

Verdict oddsmonkey

The Tools

This is a big part of the service, and what really separates each other. The main one is the oddschecker a real-time update of bookmaker & exchange odds. The original software was developed by oddsmonkey and sold to 3rd parties, profit accumulator provided the oddsmonkey oddschecker to it’s subscribers for years. Today profitaccumulator provides it’s own version of the oddschecker however it leaves a lot to be desired and lacks a lot of basic things. The original and best oddschecker is provided by oddsmonkey, infact the price oddsmonkey charges 3rd parties to use it’s software means the best deal a subscriber can get is to use oddsmonkey direct.

Some sites use the oddsmonkey free version, however this is delayed by 15 minutes which makes it rather pointless (free version bank of bets for example).

oddsmonkey also provide the following (included in subscription)
Oddschecker (oddsmonkey original version)
Daily offer calendar
Odds Calculator (Including each way calculator)
Dutch Search
Racing Matcher
Tennis Matcher
Each Way Matcher

profitaccumulator provide the following
Oddschecker (Profit Accumulator in-house software)
Match Catcher (like racing matcher above) This comes at an additional cost

Verdict Oddsmonkey

Forum & Support

Both offer forum and support, giving tips on how to prolong bookmaker accounts, avoid gubbings and rectify any mistakes etc.

Verdict DRAW


Both have a generous affiliate program paying 50% net of all referred subscribers month on month.


profitaccumulator was the first to bring matched betting to the masses and has a massive subscriber base, but oddsmonkey pulling their oddschecker from them + the price increase and the premium for the match catcher have all had an impact on subscribers, we may have seen peak PA subscriber numbers.


If your new to matched betting and looking to use a paid service oddsmonkey is the best option. bank of bets is a good free alternative but is not something recommend for newbies, the paid forum and ticket support provided by PA and oddsmonkey are excellent resources.

There is a number of clone matched betting providers but they are deemed inferior and should be avoided.

profit accumulator vs oddsmonkey vs profit squirrel
profit accumulator review

Concluding statement

With the above points noted, my favourite and the service I promote via my affiliate is Oddsmonkey, as I mentioned above they all offer the same affiliate program however Oddsmonkey is the service I feel offers the best value for money, really decent personal support (which is priceless if your new to matched betting) and excellent tools for both beginners and advanced matched bettors.

So is Sam Stoffel a scam? No.